A dangerous open window social networking

The app lets you see how your individual posts will look as a grid before you post, while also providing data and engagement rates for each post. The result is a more cohesive Instagram feed and a clear, visual style for your brand. Managing a Facebook page—or multiple pages—from a mobile device is a tricky task.

A dangerous open window social networking

Crystal Ball November 2, at 2: No, the better analogy would be more like looking at posters put up in the window — social media is broadcasting. The government needs to make it clear to citizens that it is their autonomous choice to make what they share on social media open to the public domain and is viewable to all actors including employees of the state — the onus is on the individual to apply privacy settings.

Life is treacherous enough for vulnerable people who may not have the wherewithal to understand all this so social workers need to be empowered to protect them- not hamstrung and frustrated.

A dangerous open window social networking

Boot on the other foot! Eco-Social Worker November 2, at 3: Does this protection apply to Social Workers as well, I wonder, or can management keep tabs on us via our facebook accounts? Kent social worker November 3, at 7: In my view if there is inappropriate material found and it personally affects their public position then we have a right to know.

What about employers or universities who trawl through potential candidates, without consent. Will the criminalised route apply to them too? Whilst they have a right to be represented, the child has a right to protection too. Challenging patient November 3, at 8: Fran November 5, at 7: If a child is being mistreated or neglected, surely there would be evidence without bringing up the posts they share or comment on on social media.

Social services existed long before Facebook and Twitter, they seemed to manage just fine. Are you suggesting that social workers should be above surveillance laws?

The gagging of family courts and the slightly secretive work of social workers already work against our innocent until proven guilty justice system and shred parental rights.

Stop complaining about your job being difficult and do it it right. Sm social worker November 3, at Who needed permission to view his page I wonder?

A Dangerous Open Window: Social Networking Sites – Assignment Example

Fyi By no means am i condoning his comments but the whole thing does appear that there are different rules depending on which side of the front door your standing! Stephen Lindsay November 3, at I would also suggest that using your personal social media account for work purposes is at best crossing boundaries.

I would suggest that this is an issue for any public service. Paula lee November 3, at 8: As a child protection social worker I was in court one day last week and was specifically asked by a judge to do a search on Facebook to find persons and message them.

These particular accounts was viewed more than once in trying to identify the person. Thus the information is conflicting as from your perspective I was asked to commit a crime by a Member of the judicial system!

How can this be, surely judges are aware of the potential criminal offence? L November 13, at 8: I think the author is talking about specifically targeting one profile and visiting it more than once over a period of time. Chris Shuttleworth November 3, at 9: This is a sensible piece highlighting that social workers could get themselves into bother without realising it.

Mel November 3, at 9: Really not the kind of attention you want to be drawing to yourself in our profession. Spying on people isnt ethical, never mind legal.

Looking through my window at my family is far closer to what my social media represents than simply looking at a poster in my window.

It has information about what I do in my spare time, often involving my family, key life events like my wedding and birthdays, even deaths.

It is predatory and sneaky.Re “Social media and American’s unhinged” (Question of the Week, Oct. 30): There is no question in my mind that social media is out of control. The Window Safety Task Force has a Twitter account and a Facebook page, and social media updates are tagged with either #WindowSafety or #WindowSafetyWeek.

Both accounts will be sharing window safety tips and best practices throughout Window Safety Week, so be sure to follow them and share their posts.

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Jul 18,  · The Dangers Of Social Media (Catching a Child Predator) The Dangers Of Social Media (Catching a Child Predator) The Dangers Of Social Media. “Debates continue about the impact of social media on the confidentiality of service users, and how information shared publicly on social media should be used by social workers,” says Birchall.

Indeed, social networking sites are created to encourage communication and social skills, but they are also a different type of weapons. Social networking sites are places where both teenagers and adults can be caught up in dangerous situations.

They are . May 27,  · With warm weather sorta, kinda here, doctors are warning about the dangers open windows present to children, especially toddlers.

Internet Addiction Social Networking Sites can be very addicting, they are easy to use, they open a window to a whole world of information that wasn't available before. Social networking websites give you the tools to let the world know about you, and who you are. “Debates continue about the impact of social media on the confidentiality of service users, and how information shared publicly on social media should be used by social workers,” says Birchall. Canceled Open Networking Happy Hour at Cut Lisa M. Hosted by Lisa M. From Boca Raton Profit Makers Open Networking Social. Public group? This Meetup is past. 6 people went. Tuesday, November 20, PM to PM. Location visible to members. Attendees (6) See all. Go to .

The pediatric trauma center at Regions Hospital and Gillette.

Dangers of Social Networking Sites and How to Minimize Them