A paper on the experiment on volume and weight

Various DC-DC converter input filter requirements as applied in spacecraft power processing equipment, are reviewed with respect to the spacecraft, its power source and filter loads.

A paper on the experiment on volume and weight

First off, here is a CD burner literally. After a second or so sparks appear and shortly after flames after which it is wise to turn off to avoid magnetron damage in view of the lack of loading.

Aerogel is typically The resulting silica dioxide structure is sponge like with microporosity on a nanometer scale. It was discovered in the 's but came into the public eye with aerospace uses including Mars Rover insulation and as a comet dust collector with Stardust 2. It can support times its own weight.

This photo does not really show how clear it actually is. Basically two aluminium electrodes in a sodium bicarbonate solution will glow and sparkle with sufficient applied voltage. One electrode is aluminium foil and the other is an aluminium bar. Here's my take on what is happening.

If you insert an aluminium electrode in a solution then it will form an oxide layer and when the metal is positive will block current flow.

A paper on the experiment on volume and weight

This, as I understand, is the basis for electrolytic capacitors and the reason they are polarized. Here we have two aluminium electrodes which is the equivalent of back to back electrolytics which are then non-polarized. Initially there is a lot of current flow e.

After a few minutes there is little flow even at VAC. Exceed this however and things start to happen fast. I interpret this as breakdown of the oxide layer with voltage.

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There is a diffuse glow starting at about 60 VAC but the sparkling becomes more prominent with increasing voltage. Note that the alkali solution boils rapidly with the heat. Eye protection is very important here.

Spooky Cornstarch Inspired by a recent video I decided to do make my own cornstarch fun. Corn flour in Australia. Essentially cornstarch liquid is a fluid whose viscosity is rate dependent. You can hit it hard with a spoon and it will strike it and bounce off, but can be spooned slowly and drip from a spoon.

A real anti splash fluid. On a flat plate under vibration the vibration is probably more marked at discontinuities and edges like a wave breaks at the seashore.

This leads to bizarre effects with cornstarch which gets forced up into stalagmites, loops and bizarre writhing spooky shapes like pools of writhing undead Anyway it is very easy to do.

This is a common cooking ingredient. Get a small loudspeaker I used 4 inch, 4 ohm, 3. I guess the speaker can still be in its enclosure.

A paper on the experiment on volume and weight

Use a 6 VAC transformer or winding with a dropping resistor of 8 - 10 ohm 5 watt, or use a variac.In this science project you will make little "boats" out of aluminum foil to investigate how their size and shape affects much weight they can carry and how this relates to the density of water.

Objective Determine how much weight can be supported by boat hulls of various volumes and how this relates to the density of water.

A measuring cylinder was then placed at the bottom of the displacement can and the paper clips were placed into the can CALCULATIONS: Volume of paper clips = 11 cm3 Volume of 1 paper clip =11cm3/ =0. relative density would then be gcm Knowing that .

For our volume science experiment, we went with a simple definition which is the amount of space something occupies. This definition is perfect for checking out what the same measurement of water looks like in different size containers.

Mar 08,  · In this experiment we will examine the relationship between mass, volume, and density to explain how astronauts loose weight when they fly to the moon.

Density is often mistaken for weight.

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Although the weight of an object can change, the density of an object remains the same/5(17). Note to all Researchers: Please include your name on all records, along with date and total number of items "refined". Researchers are responsible for all "Output".

Specimen Time allowed: 1 hour 15 minutes. Materials. For this paper you must have: • a ruler • a calculator • the periodic table (enclosed).

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