Asp net performance and scalability improvements

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Asp net performance and scalability improvements

Expand In this article, we will walk through some performance improvement techniques in ASP. As you know, good performance of a web application is what a customer expects.

The web application performance issue arises when the number of users increases in the application or it can also occur after a few days in production or during load testing in UAT. Now, if we came to understand that our web application has performance issues then we can fix it easily.

First, we will something that could be potentially the cause of performance issue. It is the time to learn which one is the culprit for a performance issue and fix it soon. The major tasks I categorize as being performance tuning issues are Collect Data, Analyze Results, Fine-tune the code and again test it for performance measure in an iterative fashion.

CPU and memory are the two places where most of the performance issues occur. The following are the points which one needs to check before collecting data as a.

Asp net performance and scalability improvements

Net web application, by default this attribute is set to "true" in the web. However, when you are deploying your application, always set it to "false". Setting it to "true" requires the pdb information to be inserted into the file and that results in a comparatively larger file and hence processing will be slow.

Turn off Tracing unless until required Tracing enables us to track the applications trace and the sequences that the developer needs to monitor the trace. When trace is enabled it tries to add extra information to the page. Always set this to "false" unless you require monitoring the trace logging in the production web.

NET is its ability to store session state for users for any web applications. You may not require session state when your pages are static or when you do not need to store information captured in the page.

In such cases where you need not use session state, disable it on your web form using the directive: SQL Server session mode provides lower performance than session state server mode. By running in debug mode, you are creating PDBs and cranking up the timeout.

Deploy Release mode and you will see the speed improvements.

NET for storing some state data in a hidden input field inside the generated page. View state is a very powerful capability since it allows state to be persisted with the client and it requires no cookies or server memory to save this state.IIS7 Security Improvements.

11/22/; 6 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. by Saad Ladki. Reduced Surface Area. IIS introduced the lockdown by default approach. This was a significant shift from previous versions of IIS which installed and enabled nearly all features out of the box, resulting in a fully capable, yet maximally exposed Web server by default.

The scalability boost, on the other hand, is possible because a distributed cache can live on multiple cache servers and allows IT managers to increase the number of servers in a cache cluster as their Web farm grows.

Introducing Framework Framework builds on previous versions of Framework 4.x by adding many new fixes and several new features while remaining a .

Asp net performance and scalability improvements

How do you improve your MVC application performance?.net performance iis. share | improve this question. Make your controllers stateless - this is more of a 'Web performance / scalability The Microsoft Ajax CDN enables you to significantly improve the performance of Web Forms and MVC applications that.

A few months ago I wrote an article about Zero GC Core This proof of concept was based on a preview version Core in which a possibility to plug in .

Performance tuning is the improvement of system barnweddingvt.comlly in computer systems, the motivation for such activity is called a performance problem, which can be either real or anticipated.

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