Education honors thesis

Listed below are previous Neag School of Education Honors thesis topics from to present: Todd Campbell Negotiating Coherent Science Teacher Professional Learning Experiences across University and School Settings This research investigates the assumptions underlying the work of a research practice partnership RPP made up of university science teacher educators and mentoring science teachers. With increased attention to what have been described as significant shifts proposed in science teaching and learning connected to recent standards documents in the U.

Education honors thesis


Planning Your Thesis There are many good resources that will help you start planning your Thesis project: You will create auto-ethnographic projects on your development as a teacher as your Thesis. The project might include various forms of media — blogs, videos, etc.

A faculty member who serves as your subject coordinator will help you select an Advisor. Be sure to meet with your subject coordinator by the last week of September in order to stay on track with the fall timeline.

Education honors thesis

Music Education students may elect to follow the procedure for other EDU students, but most prefer to base their Thesis Project on their senior recital, or to come up with a different kind of original project. Submit Your Proposal Refer to our Thesis Proposal Guidelines for details on what our expectations are for your proposal document, and then submit the standard Thesis Proposal Form.

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Your proposal should be your best current understanding of what the autoethnography involves, and how it relates to your goals of becoming an accomplished teacher. Submit your proposal here. Honors has several awards to support Thesis Projects. Update Your Project Progress Continue working on the project through the spring semester, meeting every few weeks with your Advisor.

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Submit a Thesis Update Form — due the first week in April. The Update asks for information on your progress: Everyone is required to register for one to three credit hours for the Thesis Project in their final semester. That puts one to three credits for the Thesis on your transcript, and provides your Advisor with a mechanism for grading your work.

It's also a requirement. Everyone must register for at least one credit of Find Your Reader Your Honors Reader is usually a faculty member in your major or a thematically related field. Make sure you ask, in person, if someone will serve as your reader.

It can be any faculty member; it does not need to be one "officially" affiliated with Honor, and it does not have to be someone in your major.

One of our editors will review your Thesis for writing quality grammar, structure, flow and will either approve your Thesis for turn-in, or they will flag your Thesis for further editing.

Turn-In and Present Your Thesis.Fall Senior Honors Thesis Orientation: Friday, August 24 at 1pm in room S of the Honors College The Honors College is vested with the responsibility of overseeing undergraduate thesis work throughout the university and ensuring its quality.

The total amount of work required for a thesis. Founded in , EKU Honors makes the best intellectual resources at EKU available to a limited group of talented and motivated students. EKU Honors is designed for students just like you who want an in-depth college classroom experience with a strong grounding in an interdisciplinary, liberal arts education.

Honors Thesis All Neuroscience majors are required to submit a written thesis and make an oral presentation based on their research in order to earn the Neuroscience degree.

To graduate, an approved thesis (i.e., title page signed by research mentor) must be submitted to the Director and successful oral presentation must be completed by the. One of the unique characteristics of the Teacher Education and Certification Program at Ramapo College is the Behaviors of Caring Educators (BCE) component embedded in and threaded through the program.

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Honors students present their work in Pittsburgh at the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference. Finding Your Greatest Strength in the Honors College.

Education honors thesis

The Honors Thesis is an in-depth capstone experience, required of all honors scholars, to provide them with opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of their major disciplines, closer intellectual interaction with faculty members and well-rounded preparation for their career goals.

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