Grantiau business plan

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Grantiau business plan

Partnership provides a healthy boost for young people in Wales Partnership provides a healthy boost for young people in Wales 15 September Read in Welsh Since we have been working in partnership with the Welsh Government to encourage and empower young people to take steps to improve their health.

The Active Youth project, funded by the Health Challenge Wales Voluntary Sector Grant Scheme, aims to boost health and wellbeing among unemployed young people in Wales, while helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to find work.

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In the first two years of the project, more than young people were supported through the initiative through our Get Started and Fairbridge programmes. This included workshops covering four key themes; physical activity, healthy eating, wellbeing and mental health.

The results so far have been fantastic. In addition, there was evidence showing a reduction in smoking and alcohol consumption.

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One young person supported is Josh Hatton. Josh was terrified on the first day of Fairbridge but after a few icebreakers he began to relax a little. During the rest of the programme, he took part in a range of outdoor activities and gained a qualification in food hygiene after cooking a meal for guests.

grantiau business plan

We are delighted that the Welsh Government agreed to extend the project for a further two years under the Health Challenge Wales Voluntary Grant Scheme, aiming to support a further young people by June I want to congratulate Josh and everyone who took part on what they have achieved. A range of partner organisations have also supported the project including Cardiff Blues, Cardiff Riding School, the Armed Forces and local Police forces.

In addition to helping us make these valuable links, which will support future work, these collaborations help young people engage positively with local organisations and increase their sense of belonging in the local community.

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Both small and large Cooperation Projects need to address the aims of the programme, and there is a choice of five priorities, of which you must choose at least one. Please note that priorities D and E are new for the call.

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grantiau business plan
The Prince's Trust and Welsh Government's health drive