If you could back and change

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If you could back and change

Asher Weber Do you have what it takes to stick to a goal and turn your life around? Lexi and Danny Reed did.

It all started when Lexi decided it was time to make a change in her life and 18 months later, something amazing has happened. The couple have plenty of great advice on how to get started on the path to making dreams come true. What did they do exactly to make such a drastic change?

Early Issues Lexi Reed always had issues with her weight, ever since childhood. Even though she tried multiple times to lose weight through different regimens, it always came back. Urbo By the young age of 25, Lexi weighed in at pounds and the extra weight was impacting her quality of life.

She tried her best to lives the best life possible, one of joy and happiness, but it was definitely getting in the way of accomplishing her dreams. Lexi would describe him as her best friend of 10 years. Danny loved Lexi for the person she was, no matter what size or shape.

It turns out he was a bit too supportive in those ways. Unhealthy Habits Both Danny and Lexi were overweight. Danny, who was just a couple years older than Lexi, weighed in at around pounds. The Sun Their self-indulgence was mutual.

Going Back In Time To Change Things

At the times when they ate at home, they ordered food. In the meantime, all the extra pounds were beginning to take a toll on their health. A Dangerous Cycle Lexi admitted that the cycle of unhealthy habits started in her childhood. Videoboom That trend continued even when she started dating Danny.

Lexi confessed that the two would frequently binge-watch TV while eating. So they were left with staying at home, watching TV.

And while she was a happy person and positive about life, she knew that she needed to turn her life around. Until something changed everything. The Engagement Danny finally asked Lexi for her hand in marriage, and she accepted. But finding a wedding dress in her size would prove to be challenging because by this point, she weighed pounds.

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The Wedding Lexi eventually found the right dress for her beautiful wedding day. She and Danny married, but their problems were just beginning.

If you could back and change

They had a long journey ahead of themselves if they were to live healthy and happy lives together. Even The Small Dreams While the possibility that Lexi might not be able to have children was probably the biggest thing that worried the couple, even accomplishing smaller goals in life seemed out of reach.

Some of them are things that other people take for granted, such as travelling. However, not only was she too big to go on the rides there, she was also too big to fit in a plane seat.

Florida is a long way from her home state of Indiana, and she had to get there somehow. Married Life Quickly, a year of marriage had gone by and nothing had changed. Still, the couple spent their free time in front of the TV while eating food that was usually unhealthy and heavily processed.

Then, something started to change.

Back to the present

And little did she know that the calling for change would come quite casually and end up changing her life forever. Fortunately, she had her husband at her side to support her. He knew deep down that, health-wise, it was best for both of them, Lexi and himself.

If you could back and change

The couple made a deal that they would go a month following a few rules: This was just the beginning of their long journey to a happy, healthy life. She was tired of not being able to fly on an airplane or go on simple romantic walks with her husband.

Tired of the lifestyle that they had both gotten so used to, she decided to make a major decision in her life. As promised, Lexi went to the gym for 30 minutes a day, every day. But it was far from easy for a number of reasons.This , shine a light on Earth Hour by raising awareness for Biodiversity.

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Couple Decides To Make A Change and 18 Months Later, Their Lives Are Completely Different