Stress and age

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Stress and age

The biggest killer of all, heart disease, which causes one in four deaths in the U. Women are especially prone to depression, with a stunning 23 percent of all American women in their 40s and 50s — almost one in four — now taking antidepressants, according to a major study by the CDC ; Add to that the tens of Stress and age of users of all other types of psychiatric drugs, including just to pick one the 6.

By the way, things are no better over the pond — and may be worse, according to one major study that concluded almost 40 percent of Europeans are plagued by mental illness.

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What on earth is going on? Why is it that, instead, more and more of us are so stressed out as to be on a collision course with illness, misery, tragedy and death?

Most important, what can we do to reverse course? Fortunately, amazingly effective help is available — but more on that later. Yet, during eras when society and families are stable, unified and fundamentally decent and moral — as, say, America during the s — the stress level for each person is minimized, or at least not compounded by a perverse society.

Conversely, when — as is the case today — we have widespread family breakdown, a depraved culture that mocks traditional moral values, a chaotic economy and disintegrating monetary system and a power-mad government dominated by demagogues and sociopaths, the normal stresses of life are greatly multiplied.

Thus it has come to pass that America, long the hope of the world, has grown increasingly dispirited and angry, which in turn breeds anxiety, fear, confusion, hopelessness and depression.

We just re-elected perhaps the worst president in history, someone manifestly obsessed with dismantling traditional, free-market capitalist America and transforming it into a socialist nanny state.

That in itself is highly stressful — at least for the roughly half the population that still understands socialism always leads to a profound loss of freedom and prosperity. That, too, is very stressful. This sort of stress on Americans is not only intentional on the part of Team Obama — it is strategic.

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Such a radical change cannot be accomplished while Americans are calm, happy, content and grateful for their blessings. Citizens must be unhappy and stressed out.

Indeed, widespread popular discontent has always been the required fuel for leftist transformation.

Stress and age

Obama [is] literally pushing people to snap, attacking the very sanity of the country. Everything that people hold dear is under assault. Deliberately making people upset! This is not what presidents do. Truth be told, both institutions have become full-blown abominations, occupying as they do near-sacred stations of public trust in American civilization.

It has evolved in our secular, mechanistic culture to see virtually all mental, emotional and spiritual problems as genetic or physiological in origin. No longer is there any such thing as sin. Nothing is moral or spiritual. Good character, introspection, understanding, repentance and forgiveness, so vital to genuine healing, are now irrelevant.Stress affects us all.

You may notice symptoms of stress when disciplining your kids, during busy times at work, when managing your finances, or when coping with a challenging relationship.


Stress and age

It provides a useful framework to accommodate the changes in individual characteristics that occur with age (Jex, Wang, & Zarubin, ), thereby offering a theoretical approach to study and clarify the relationship between age and work-related stress.

Research on age differences in emotional responses to daily stress has produced inconsistent findings. Guided by recent theoretical advances in aging theory (Charles, ) that emphasize the importance of context for predicting when and how age is related to affective well-being, the current study examined age differences in emotional responses to everyday stressors.

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