The fury of the approaching storm

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The fury of the approaching storm

Windows and doors are particularly vulnerable to wind and rain damage. Window films, tempered glass and other products may not withstand wind-borne debris felt during a hurricane. How To Shutter Your Home 30 minute video on how to shutter your windows and doors Buy and cut early.

The fury of the approaching storm

For masonry buildings, use masonry screws that cut their own thread in concrete, or use lag shields inserted into predrilled holes. Wood screws can be used for wood-framed homes. Hurricane Shutters Typically made of metal, vinyl or polycarbonate, these shutters come in many designs.

Check options with a licensed installer and be sure they meet the current Florida Building Code. Hurricane Screens Some of the newest options available are permanently attached metal mesh screens or flexible woven polypropylene netting.

Both are approved for use throughout Florida. High wind can tear shingles, underlayment and even the roof sheathing off. Before a storm threatens, take a good look at your roof.

Are the shingles in good condition? Is there any damage that you might need to have repaired? Remember, any leaks you may already have could be made worse by wind-driven rain and the impact of storm debris.

A quick inspection of the underside of your roof from inside the attic can also tell you a great deal about its structure. Look along the rafters or the tops of the roof trusses.

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Are there large nails driven through the sheathing, not secured into the framing? That could mean the roofers misnailed the roof deck when they installed it. If you need to have your roof redone, be sure to ask the roofer to renail your sheathing to ensure it is properly secured, and specify wind-resistant shingles.

Garage doors deserve extra attention because of their large size. State regulations mean stronger doors SinceFlorida building codes have required significantly stronger garage doors on all homes in Pinellas County. If your garage door was installed beforecall the manufacturer to determine the strength of the door.

Or, have a building inspector check the door to determine its wind-worthiness. While mobile and manufactured homes are great places to call home, they are NEVER good shelters during a hurricane. Mobile and manufactured homes can be severely damaged from the hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

This was proved true again during the storms of and when homes built afterto the tougher standards, sustained damage when they were flipped off their foundations or damaged by flying debris. No matter the category of storm, whenever an evacuation order is given, all mobile and manufactured home residents must evacuate.

Mobile and manufactured home residents need to have an evacuation plan in case a hurricane threatens. One word of caution — most mobile home park recreation centers are not rated to withstand high winds, either.

Why anyone in a mobile home must evacuate! Annual maintenance should include checking your tie down and anchoring system to help keep debris down during a storm.

Look for possible rusting of anchors and connections. Tighten the straps if necessary. Add anchors and straps where possible. Check for wood rot and termite damage at connections, joists and trusses.9 days ago · 'Storm of a lifetime': million ordered to flee approaching fury of Florence. The National Today 'Storm of a lifetime': million ordered to flee approaching fury of Florence A mega storm.

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Sep 06,  · The storm left wreckage and flooding on Caribbean islands and is making its way toward Florida. Roboute Guilliman, sometimes referred to as the "Avenging Son," "The Victorious," "The Master of Ultramar" and "The Blade of Unity", is the Primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion and its myriad subsequent Second Founding Successor Chapters.

Held by some as a . "The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, " Book Review by JPWrite "The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, " A review of Stephen B. Oates' "The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, " about the years leading up to the Civil War.

In that her passion is wild and furious not unlike the storm. The first Section of the story describes a storm approaching as Calixtas husband and son are stuck in a nearby store.

The first sentence gives the reader a clue to the incoming storm. “The leaves were so still that even Bibi thought it was going to rain”. Professor Stephen Oates talked about his book, The Approaching Fury: Voices of the Storm, , published by book examines the events leading up to the Civil War, beginning.

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