Writing a person specification form

Take some time to prepare, as this will make the task much easier. Browsing their social media channels is a good place to start. Study the job description so that you can refer back to the specific skills and qualities that the employer is looking for as you complete the form. Finally, read the instructions carefully to ensure that you complete the correct sections of the form and know when the deadline is.

Writing a person specification form

How do I put together a person specification? This is as opposed to writing a general job description. A person specification more fully describes the type of person who is most likely to be able to do the job satisfactorily. A straightforward job description concentrates more on the job itself and leaves the reader to decide whether they are right for it or not.

Advantages of the personal specification While clarifying the job on offer it also enables potential applicants to more clearly determine whether they are capable of meeting the requirements of the job, thereby reducing unsuitable candidates at an early stage The specification ensures all candidates are judged systematically on the same criteria and ensures that your selection decisions can be justified using objective criteria should they be called into question at a later stage.

The person specification and job description can also be used as the basis for staff development, appraisals, or promotions in the future.

These could be either essential or desirable and allow you to more clearly specify the type of person you are looking for. Physical attributes — good eyesight, etc Languages — If the position calls for specific language skills Attainments — qualifications, experience, grades and managerial positions.

Aptitudes — numeracy, communication skills - even patience. Personal qualities — shift working, unsocial hours, and the ability to be flexible. Instead of judging on amount of years the candidate can be asked to show experience in a particular task. Being too specific about the number of years of experience you want could rule out a very able candidate who has gained experience in a wide variety of tasks in six months in favour of someone who may have more years experience but in a limited capacity.

writing a person specification form

Qualifications, education and training In some professions it will be a legal requirement that the candidate has certain qualifications in order to practice. In other cases it may be that it would be impossible to carry out certain tasks without having been trained to do them.

In all cases, you need to determine whether a specific qualification is the only way that a candidate could demonstrate that they are able to do the job. Someone who has no formal qualifications may have worked previously in a relevant sector and developed the necessary skills and knowledge.

Personal qualities and discrimination Be objective and ask whether these characteristics are directly relevant to the job. If not, they could possibly be discriminatory. Indirect discrimination is not illegal, provided it can be objectively justified. Seeking somebody who is fit and strong could be indirectly discriminate against certain candidates and has to be objectively justified, in which case it becomes acceptable.

To avoid discrimination in this area, try to describe the tasks that are involved and allow the reader to judge for themselves. There are limited circumstances where it is legal to directly discriminate where it is a genuine occupational requirement GOR. Clarify for all Take some care over the words and phrases you use.

It may be that your perfectly reasonable job description simply reads badly or sets the wrong tone.Writing a person specification and job description Preparing a job description is not a legal requirement but it will help you to decide what type of person you are looking for and to write the job advert.

Person Specification: Sample Document Article modified: December , Author: VolResource Editor Please note that our sample documents are intended as examples which can act as starting points and prompters. Abstract. This specification describes the FOAF language, defined as a dictionary of named properties and classes using W3C's RDF technology.

FOAF is a project devoted to . "Ruby" are short runs of text alongside the base text, typically used in East Asian documents to indicate pronunciation or to provide a short annotation. This specification defines markup for ruby, in the form of an XHTML module [XHTMLMOD].

This section describes the status of this document at the. Specifications in the third person Normally we write specifications so that they always refer to the third person. Forcing your writing into the third person is difficult, and often makes the sentences difficult to read.

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writing a person specification form

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