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Writing an oscar speech archive

It concludes by speculating on future directions for work on Wilde and sexuality. Download this page in PDF format Figure 1: Wilde was a rich, glamorous, aristocratic celebrity, famous for his wit and funny plays.

Yet when his homosexuality came to light, Victorian society was shocked. Wilde was hunted down, prosecuted for his homosexuality, and thrown into prison; he died soon after his release. The scandal made his name unspeakable and works unsalable.

Only after decades did it become possible to mention him. His trials made homosexuality even more invisible than it had been before. This sketch has the seeds of a great story. Unfortunately, although some parts of this story are true, others are not.

By turning Wilde writing an oscar speech archive the archetypal gay martyr, it washes out the contingencies, surprises, and sheer strangeness of his trials. All their events become the seemingly inevitable consequence of homophobia.

Without denying the potency of the image of Wilde as martyr or the justifiable outrage that many still feel about the trials, I want to focus on Wilde the individual, not Wilde the archetype.

Homophobia or, more specifically, revulsion at anal sex mattered in the Wilde trials, but no single cause explains the complex, disastrous events. Even after volumes of writing, much about the trials remains cloudy.

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For example, transcripts of the second two trials have disappeared, so historians have to use biased, incomplete newspaper reports.

Nevertheless, mysterious as the trials may be, some common mistakes can be fixed. My goal is less to give new information than to correct misimpressions sometimes found in popular writing about Wilde.

Oscar Wilde was an aristocrat. Those titles are misleading. Wilde came from a squarely middle-class background: Although he wrote about aristocrats and thrived in aristocratic company, he himself was from a significantly lower social rung than his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas; moreover, Wilde had the added burden of being Irish, a fact that reviewers sometimes used against him.

Although Wilde would have loved to have been rich, his father left him virtually nothing Ellman For most of his life, Wilde scrambled for money, and complained frequently about his poverty in his letters. He wrote to earn, but for him, as for so many others, living by the pen was precarious; even far more prolific writers than he lived on the verge of financial ruin.

The trials bankrupted Wilde, and he died poor. Those belonging to the upper classes were not above the law but were more immune from persecution than those outside of the charmed circle. When the issue of prosecuting him arose, his aristocratic status protected him, as well as his youth.

Charles Gill, the prosecuting counsel in the first criminal trial, wrote to Hamilton Cuffe, the Director of Public Prosecutions, about Douglas: As Charles Upchurch has documented, upper-class families became powerful units in protecting their own when charges of sodomy were raised: The Wilde trials proved that the aristocracy still had clout.

writing an oscar speech archive

Even though the idea that Wilde seduced Douglas had no basis in fact, it was a potent myth that Queensberry could use against Wilde. Victorians knew nothing about homosexuality. Several scandals involving sex between men received wide publicity in late Victorian England. Inthe Boulton and Park trial turned the spotlight on men who, cross-dressing as women, had become the center of a network of similar men.

Inthe Cleveland Street scandal focused on a brothel of young men, many of whom also worked as telegraph boys; several prominent members of the aristocracy were rumored to be customers. While these two scandals were particularly salient moments in public awareness of sex between men, historians have produced several books, all worth reading, describing just how widespread sex between men was in nineteenth-century Britain Cook; Cocks; Upchurch; Kaplan.

The scandals were familiar enough that a reviewer of The Picture of Dorian Gray could casually refer to the Cleveland Street Scandal as if everyone would know what he or she was describing: Yet scandals were not the only source of knowledge about sex between men.Sample Oscar Acceptance Speech.

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writing an oscar speech archive

An outline of popular knowledge of Oscar Wilde’s downfall might read like this: Wilde was a rich, glamorous, aristocratic celebrity, famous for his wit and funny plays.

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